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IG Influencer Groups - 8 POSTS PER MONTH

Glazers Media can fix your Instagram Engagement!

Engagement is frustrating 😡 Especially when you're shadow-banned.

Do you post just to have your posts get 0 likes, or worse, get thousands of fake likes and no comments?  Do you hesitate from posting because you are afraid your post will get no engagement and it will make you look like you have no real influence?

After IG changed their algorithm, many accounts struggle to get consistent engagement, or any engagement at all.  Glazers Media now has a perfect solution for you:

✅ Real engagement on your posts

✅ Real influencer reach

✅ Real comments

🛑 No login required

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🛑 No BS

We have a proven system, that fixes IG engagement immediately.

No contract or commitment 🙅🏻‍♂️
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1) Sign up on this website.

2) One of our agents will contact you within 24 hours and set you up in a private WhatsApp channel and give you directions on how to submit your content.

3) Every time you post on IG, just send your post to the WhatsApp channel.  

4) Our team will send it to thousands of influencers to repost your content and leave real comments on every post, pushing your content to the top of IG's explore page!

5) Sit back and watch the comments, shares, saves, likes and views pour in. 

Sign up now for a 30 day trial, no contracts 🚀

Re-bills automatically every 30 days for your convenience.

Includes guaranteed results for up to 8 posts per month!

If you need engagement for more than 2 posts per week, contact us for a free account audit and customized proposal via support@glazersmedia.com