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Creating hundreds of stories every year and getting them in front of audiences made up of millions of people is a team effort.  Meet the team that helps our client's bring their stories to life, and share them with the world.

Nick Deertay - Director of Publicity
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With a story that starts in Los Angeles, CA, Nick Deertay began managing his first public relations firm in 2012.  Specializing in publicity for fundraising and crowdfund marketing, he has helped multiple clients generate more than 7 figures in sales. He is a Krav Maga instructor, mixed martial artist, and U.S. Army paratrooper.  His years of experience in PR and relationships with major media outlets have helped him get hundreds of people and brands get featured in the media.
Kayla Patrick - New Media Expert
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Born and raised in Southern California, Kayla Patrick turned her ability to leverage social media and publicity into over 100 funded deals totaling 9 figures in revenue generated in only 18 months. Getting virality behind the hashtag #YourFavoriteLender to brand herself, she is a respected and recognized individuals in her field.  She loves helping entrepreneurs and public figures use the same Instagram and media strategies she implements to launch or grow profitable audiences.
Ruan Du Toit - Director of Instagram Marketing
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Living in South Africa, Ruan Du Toit controls one of the largest networks of Instagram influencers and celebrities in the world.  Managing accounts with a cumulative following of over 1 billion followers, he has been behind the success of dozens of the fastest growing accounts on Instagram.  He gained notoriety when he pulled off a strategy that grew his client over 1 million followers in 24 hours.  He has helped clients generate 8 figures in revenue and grow by over 15 million followers. 
Vito Glazers - CEO
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Based between Chicago, IL and Southern California, Vito Glazers founded One World Publishing in 2011.  He starred in WE TV's reality show Mystery Millionaire and was a featured guest on Bravo's Below Deck. He has been featured in nearly every major media publication including CBS News, ABC, NBC, FOX, Forbes and more, and has helped more than 100 entrepreneurs, celebrities and public figures use the media to share their story with the world.