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"Anybody can write anything they want about you online.  If you're a successful public figure or business, it is not a matter of IF, but WHEN." - New media, publicity and reputation management expert Vito Glazers.

Once somebody crazy starts writing about you on the internet, it's too late.  Yelp Reviews, Rip off Reports, Google Reviews, all it takes is one deranged customer, ex-girlfriend or unethical competitor to destroy your reputation online.

Your first reaction is to reply, but that just makes it worse.  Now that you have replied, the bad review begins ranking for your name in search engines.

Your second reaction might be to call a lawyer, just to find out that because technology moves so much faster than legislation, there is no law that protects you, especially if the comments were written anonymously. 

Luckily, there is a way to prevent these attacks from being able to have any effect on you.  And if you have been attacked, there is hope to get it fixed.  

Get results (and relief) in as little as 30 days.  

Money Back Guarantee - Vito Glazers


Introducing the Reputation Management "WALL" made up of 10+ websites that outrank just about everything on search engines when implemented correctly, as well as a social media strategy that will fill up the first page of any search engine results with a narrative that you control.  When implemented correctly, no matter what the haters write about you, it will never break through onto your first page search results, effectively building a "WALL" to keep out unwanted opinions about your brand.

This package includes the following, guaranteed:

1) Full review of your brand voice, brand narrative, and strategic planning of what is necessary to remove and/or improve any specific unwanted reviews or websites.

2) High ranking news story in the Associated Press or other major news outlet

3) High ranking video interview professionally produced, edited & published

4) High ranking executive profile in publication for thought leaders

5) High ranking executive interview in motivational publication

6) High ranking personal interview in leading real estate publication

7) High ranking personal interview on top level domain

8) High ranking INC.com profile online

9) High ranking interview and/or column on top self improvement publication

10) High ranking blog posts/interviews on top digital publishing platform

11) High ranking interview with real journalist in top trade journal

12) High ranking interview in tech news publication online

Everything above is included, and guaranteed to be published.  All 12 links can be live and ranking within 45 days.  In addition to the above which is completely done for you, the following bonus training, advisory and support is included to help you maximize your online reputation defense. 

BONUS 1) Google Adwords Strategy to improve online reputation for your name

BONUS 2) Secret website strategy that teaches you how to secure and spend minimal time updating additional websites about your name brand that rank high.

BONUS 3) Social media strategy and advisory to maximize how your social media ranks on all search engines.

BONUS 4) Review Removal Strategy - takes less than 5 minutes per day and works on Facebook, Google and Yelp.

BONUS 5) Unlimited advisory and introductions to additional resources to help guarantee removal of even the toughest negative online postings. 

When it comes to your reputation, time is of the essence.  Lock in your place to start building your brand's wall now.