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Celebrity Package [Best Value]

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“If I was down to my last dollar, I would spend it on PR” - Bill Gates

This is an exclusive opportunity to work directly with media, PR, branding and internet marketing expert Vito Glazers who has been featured on many TV shows and has helped secure placements in Forbes, Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, Entrepreneur, INC, Business Insider, CBS News, ABC, NBC, FOX News for 100+ businesses, brands and causes. 


Money Back Guarantee - Vito Glazers



Gain worldwide visibility and guaranteed exposure in publications that reach millions.  This program will obtain you more than $150,000 in premium placements and publicity.

-- Celebrity Package Includes --

You will receive major mentions and/or features about you, your project, business or brand in multiple top tier media outlets within 4 months (Past clients have been featured in BuzzFeed, Forbes, WSJ, Entrepreneur, INC., etc).  Clients have gone on to close multi million dollar deals, be featured in documentaries, been invited to speak on stages in front of thousands of people, and build tremendous tribes of loyal followers and customers:  $100,000 VALUE**


Major Publications - Vito Glazers


Broadcast Media Stories within 90 days: This program guarantees you get a unique, professionally written and edited news stories that will appear in digital versions of CBS News, ABC News, NBC News, Fox News and at least one other major news outlet (ie: CNBC, Yahoo News, Tribune Media, etc).

Broadcast Media - Vito Glazers

At least 1 story per month will be written or produced about you and your business and guaranteed to be on CBS, ABC, NBC and Fox News.  To be clear, each story will appear on ALL of those networks, not just one.  So you will get 12-15 published links over a 3 month period: $18,000 VALUE*


INC.com Company Profile within 60 days: You will receive a full profile on INC.com within 2 months.  This profile will also enter your company's information and put you on the radar with INC to be considered for the INC5000 Fastest Growing Companies recognition, as well as other events and opportunities with INC: $6,000 VALUE


INC 5000 - Vito Glazers



BONUSES - Influencer marketing shout outs, unlimited PR advisory calls, podcast bookings, lifetime discounts to masterminds, and more. $PRICELESS

Celebrities | Vito Glazers 

Detailed list of guaranteed publications and timeline:

Video Interview - In person or via Zoom, professionally edited in 1080p - Live within 7 days or as client schedule allows.

Business Blog Interview - at least 1 (up to 3) entrepreneurship interviews on high ranking blogs - Can be live within 7 days from completed video interview.

CBS News - Dedicated story, includes hot link - Can be live within 30 days.

ABC News - Dedicated story, includes hot link - Can be live within 30 days.

NBC News - Dedicated story, includes hot link - Can be live within 30 days.

FOX News - Dedicated story, includes hot link - Can be live within 30 days.

Yahoo News - Dedicated story, includes hot link, photo, video/VSL - Can be live within 30 days.

SelfGrowth.com - Interview and/or key worded blog post, ranks high - Can be live within 30 days. 

INC.com - Full company profile, ranks high, helps process of entering company into INC5000. 

Entrepreneur.com - Full or shared feature, includes links, can be live in 2018 if Dec 12th deadline is met. 

BuzzFeed - Full feature or shared feature, includes photos and links. 

Forbes - Full feature or shared feature, may include photos and links. 

Wikipedia/IMDB Advisory - Will teach you how to use above articles to establish IMDB and Wikipedia pages,

Podcasts - Will get you booked on at least 1 podcast.


* Although some clients' stories make it to television, Guarantee applies only to digital publications.

** $100,000 Value based on top publications pricing of "Content Partner" programs. 

Privacy - your privacy is guaranteed. All clients' information and use of this service is kept confidential.