Your Own Netflix Documentary in the Next 90 Days?  

Let Vito Glazers - one of America’s top PR and New Media experts* - help you craft your story into a book, television docu-series, AND Netflix style documentary film.

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*”Top 3 Public Relations Executives Navigating 2020” published in Associated Press & Yahoo Entertainment

Want My Proven “Fast Film” Formula?

Here is how we make your book, TV docu-series, and documentary in as little as 3 months.

  • Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon?

Where is your audience watching? First we figure out the best platform for you to distribute on, so we can engineer your content to meet their specifications.

By working with Glazers Media, your documentary film is guaranteed to be screened and published on at least one major streaming platform and at least one film festival! We can even help you get your film into AMC Theaters around the world.

  • Crafting Your Claim To Fame

People don’t buy products, they buy the stories behind them. Your life is your story. But everybody has a story, so how do you stand out? There is an exact science behind how to craft a claim to fame and get it supported by articles in the press and the media.

Other media experts refer to it as your “X-Factor”, your “pitch angle”, and social media verification applications refer to it as your “notability requirement” - what about your story makes you memorable to the world. This takes years for some people to figure out, but it only takes 1 hour on a call with Vito.

  • Develop Your Story

Work with Vito Glazers to turn your story into 10 “Chapters” which will be the foundation for your book, docu-series, and film. This process also takes some people years, but will take less than 1 hour on the phone working directly with Vito.

Glazers Media will secure you an expert column on BuzzFeed, Forbes, Thrive Global, Medium, or many other options. We will take your 10 Chapter outline, and each week (or month depending on your schedule) a professional writer will turn a chapter topic into a 1,000+ word post to publish on your column.

  • Best Selling Book

Everybody knows there are a million hacks to making your book a “bestseller” - but the hardest part is actually getting it written. We handle both for you.

After your 10 blog posts are written and published, our ghost writers will turn those 10 posts into a 100 page book for you to edit into your voice and publish. We will help handle everything including getting it published in hard copy, Amazon Books, many major retailers, and work to promote it as a best seller. We can help you create this into an audiobook as well and work with you to get it published on Audible. 

  • Reality Show/Docu-Series

Your 10 chapter topics will be the foundation of your own reality show. Vito will map out the scenes for the show based on your message and resources. Glazers Media will secure you cameras on the ground to develop your scenes. We have access to camera crews in all 50 states, Canada, Australia and pretty much anywhere in the world.

The footage is sent back to the editing lab where it will be edited into short form reality content (5-22 min episodes) that will be distributed on at least 1 major online platform, and can be redistributed on YouTube, Triller, SnapChat TV, IG TV, Facebook Watch and more to build your audience and repurpose content. The content can also be edited as a Pilot to pitch networks.

  • Netflix style Documentary

After the 10 episodes are filmed, they will be edited into a 60-90 minute Netflix style documentary.

You and your brand will be the stars of your very own Netflix style film with guaranteed distribution on major VOD platforms (outlets may vary based on content).

  • Press and Media Coverage

Having your own book, TV show and film is great, but these assets are worthless if nobody knows they exist.

That is why the entire process from starting your column to releasing your film will get guaranteed major media coverage, and we secure you at least 10 interviews with the press and major outlets like the Associated Press, Yahoo News, Entrepreneur, BuzzFeed, Forbes, and many others relevant to your audience. Each agreement can be customized to target publications that are most relevant to your story.

The Results

Within 3-12 months you will:

  • Have a Clear Claim To Fame.

  • Be Featured in 10+ major media features & verified on Google.

  • Author an Expert Column on a major online publication. 

  • Write a Best Selling Book distributed on major platforms.Produce your own Reality Show or Docu-Series.

  • Star in your own Netflix style documentary distributed on major platforms.

  • Have the opportunity to become a household name.

  • Be an undisputable public media figure and brand.

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If you have questions, we have answers. Book a time to speak with Vito Glazers about your project.

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“Hi Vito… It’s so wonderful that you’re

helping so many people. God bless you.

Stay safe.”

- Lindsay Lohan

“Vito, I love your

style man”

- Dennis Rodman

“Your life is your story. There’s

nothing more to life…”

- Deepak Chopra

“Hi Vito… It’s so wonderful that you’re helping so many people. God bless you. Stay safe.”

- Lindsay Lohan

“Vito, I love your

style man”

- Dennis Rodman

“Your life is your story. There’s nothing more to life…”

- Deepak Chopra

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