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Welcome to the directory of Top Vito Glazers Social Media Sites

Connect with me on social media and stay up to date on the latest projects and opportunities.  Currently I am promoting my new TV show Mystery Millionaire on WEtv; every Friday night starting May 30th I will be doing a live #TweetAlong 30 minutes prior the show airing and 30 minutes after so you can connect with me online to get access to exclusive content and behind the scenes footage.

For behind the scenes photos of the show check out

vito glazers instagram

To Tweet Along with the show Follow on

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Become an Official Fan and “Like”

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Join my Business Network on

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Social Media has become a new area of study for me.  If you would like to connect on any other social networks not listed above, check out my social media blog at where you can read my research and case studies about many of the top social media networks.


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