VITO GLAZERS is CEO of the One World Network
based between Chicago


Illinois and Los Angeles, California. He is a real estate investor, media entrepreneur and Huffington Post contributing author and actor most known for WE TV’s Mystery Millionaire and the Mancow Show.


Born Vito Guido Glazers on July 8th, 1985, near Chicago, IL, he had a diverse upbringing by immigrant parents. As a child in the late 80′s and early 90′s, Vito traveled through Central America where he learned to speak Spanish fluently from his Guatemalan mother. He graduated with honors from Prospect High School in his hometown of Mount Prospect when he was 16 years old. After high school Vito worked in financial services and eventually attended universities studying business and economics but never graduated. An advocate of ‘self education,’ he has also expressed his support for The Piven Theater Group in Chicago, Eric Morris Actor’s workshop in Los Angeles, and other public speaking and acting courses.


Vito served the community in the early 2000′s as a mentor for the NWSRA, an organization dedicated to helping behaviorally challenged children and separately provided home ownership consulting to low income families.  He continues to contribute and serve Illinois Masonic Charities. After some respectable accomplishments for his age in real estate and finance, he transitioned into the world of Internet Marketing. Vito went on to pioneer and manage several successful internet and media ventures which generated millions of website visitors and television viewers.


As an entrepreneur, he specialized in Internet marketing, television/new media content production, and real estate investing.


As an actor and television personality, Vito Glazers made his first appearance on the air as a one time correspondent on Telemundo’s Al Rojo Vivo. He was later cast in the Discovery Channel pilot for Masonic Forces, had cameos on Chicago original productions Café Kremlin & Empire, appeared regularly on The Mancow TV & radio shows, and had principal roles on reality shows Mystery Millionaire & Below Deck.


In 2014, Vito Glazers began as a contributor in the business, media, tech and entertainment sections of The Huffington Post.


In 2016 Vito Glazers teamed up with Chinese celebrity journalist Meiling Jin and was listed as Executive Producer of Chop Chop TV Show in which he also co-stars in 10 episodes.  Chop Chop TV Show premiered December 22nd 2016 at 11PM on Comcast/Xfinity Channel 25 Chicago and was called “The sitcom to Watch in 2017” by Chicago Now.


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